feeding inspiration

Busy? well, same as always I guess...
We're currently working on the last 2 songs for the cd. We also did a little work on a local theatre project this week, and I wrote 4 songs based on poems from 4 different dutch poets for a local writers group's performance. Our mixer/producer (call him Mr. Twisterblister) does an amazing job, almost finished 3 songs and we're very happy with the results. I have to add some vocals to Summersnow and started to work on 'Psalm 2' based on a Leo Vroman poem. We mailed the Vroman foundation last year,  and they send us an email stating that Mr. Vroman 'would be delighted' & kindly granted us permission to use the poem. A couple of months later he died. Needless to say, I want this one to be spot on! Also recorded an instrumental, based on an old track, that might make it to the album. I like making these soundscapes. Reading some of Brian Eno views on working in a studio also helps!
tools for the next soundscape

Alkmaars Eigenste Festival

We didn't plan gigs for January & February. We wanted to finish our cd and take some time to get everything organised for the release in March. Call it a bit of well deserved Zen to start the year.
But, a friend called: he had an empty spot, so if we could play at his festival...
Yes, please,  thank you! So Saturday, Januari 24th, come to Alkmaars Eigenste,
at KOEL 310, Koelmanlaan 310, Alkmaar. Lots of amazing local bands there. We start at 20.00 on the acoustic stage. See U there!

Recording update :
The Amazing Mr Frank Stolwijk came in last week to play clarinet on Jacky O. Thanks Frank. Still a few rounds to go, but I can feel the finish.

tonight's gig

Vandaag spelen we in Haarlem op een feestje in het kader van 'het Glazen Huis"  Een oude kennis organiseert een muzikale borrel "Serious Drinking' met 4 bands in het Hodshon Huis aan het Spaarne. Opbrengsten van verzoeknummers aan de dj + de entree gaan naar Serious Request.
van 16.00 tot 21.00 uur.  Wij spelen van 8 tot half 9!